Imagine yourself cruising down the highway while flooring the gas pedal. Your V8 roars and the adrenaline makes you go wild. With hundreds of miles behind you, you finally return home, race to the local bar and enjoy a few (dozen) beers with your friends.

That’s what Disagreement is all about. With their engine-driven V8 Rock, they’ve managed to create a whole new style of rock altogether. Melodious, fast and really, really LOUD! Their music is based on the American southern rock and hillbilly music… but a lot tougher: with roaring overdriven guitars, screeching solos, deafening bass and thundering drums.

The tattoo-crazy band members are very close friends: most of them have known each other since childhood. Because of this, they can communicate without words on stage and beyond, which makes their music quite vivid and very passionate.

With their gripping songs and V8-Rock covers they steel every buckle up!!